20. Secure File Sharing (SFS) + CCTV Evidence Download Service

Secure File Sharing (SFS) 
Police, Insurers and Law firms are increasingly requiring that CCTV footage is transferred to them electronically, rather than as portable media such as DVD or USB memory stick, which can get lost and is not always easy to keep track of.
VeriFi provide Secure File Sharing as a no cost option for manned sites that manage evidence download in-house.
 Smaller and unmanned sites can also benefit by adopting the service described below;

Fast Track CCTV Evidence Download Service
Due to time pressures, and sometimes being unfamiliar with the task, FMs have to use installers to download CCTV footage, particularly on unmanned sites. This still impacts on your time in managing the request and GDPR compliance is questionable.
VeriFi now offer a fully GDPR compliant end to end CCTV evidence management service.  Simply make the request and we do the rest for you applying the following steps:
  1. You complete an application 
  2. We check the application validity
  3. We provide you with an estimate of cost
  4. You instruct us to proceed
  5. One of our field support team attends site
  6. CCTV footage is uploaded to our secure file sharing system
  7. You receive a copy of the footage for approval
  8. Subject to approval, we release to the intended recipient
The VeriFi EIDOS secure managed file sharing service delivers the following advantages:
  • GDPR compliant
  • Fully managed Data Subject Access Requests
  • Paper free
  • Secure, two factor authentication
  • Managed archive retention
  • Robust audit trail
  • Signed for proof of delivery
Whilst we can confidently provide this service in Greater London it may be possible, subject to travel constraints, to assist in other areas of the country.