Visitor Management

Streamline your visitor & contractor booking in process

The EIDOS Visitor software replaces the traditional visitor book with a streamlined process for booking in visitors & contractors to site. Visitor details are securely stored and provide real time information and reports.


Self Check In Option with Tablet

Fast Track QR Code Check In

Photo Visitor Pass Badges

Tenant Portal

Host Notification

Real Time Reporting

Asset Tracking Integration

SMS & Email Notifications

COVID 19 Questionnaire

Optional ‘Pass Holder’ Module

Induction Video

Self Check In

The system can be configured for Front or Back of House with the option for Visitors to self check in using the EIDOS app and tablet.

Staff & Contractor Management

With the option to issue physical or digital passes staff and regular contractors can quickly book on and off site.

Front of House Check In

For a more personal service visitors can be booked in by the reception team using a PC. Capture their picture using a webcam and print a pass or issue NFC badge.

Pre-register Visitors

Streamline the booking in process by pre-registering your visitors before they arrive on site.

How it Works

Visitors can be pre-booked allowing them to check in using a QR code that they’ve received via email. Repeat visitors using the app need only enter their mobile number for the system to recognise them and pre-fill the required fields.

Regular contractors or staff members can be issued with passes allowing them to check in quickly.

This works seamlessly with the ‘Asset Module’ alerting users if items are due for return when booking off site.

Regular Visitors

Repeat visitors using the App. need only enter their mobile number for the system to recognise them and pre-fill the required fields. Capture visitor photos for printing passes with the option to issue access control passes via the EIDOS Asset Tracking module.

Visitor Pass Badges

Visitor Pass Badges are easily produced bearing the visitors photo ID, captured by the visitor tablet or desktop webcam. Printed bearing bespoke Heath & Safety and Data Protection information.

Real-time Visitor Tracking and Reporting

Host Notification

Notify hosts when visitors arrive on site with the optional SMS text notification feature.

Emergency Evacuation

A list of visitors on site is instantly available either on screen or as a print out with the option to download a range of other reports as required.

Tenant Portal

Tenants can be given access to the system via their own portal allowing them to pre-book Visitors and Contractors on to site.

Arrange a Demo

Contact us to arrange a demo either face to face or via your preferred online communications platform.

Why switch to a cloud based system?


Accessing a traditional paper book can be a time-consuming process that will require either a visit  to site or worst still, a visit to a storage facility to search through previously archived books.


Poor handwriting & spelling reflects badly on your organisation and could be inadmissible in a court of law.

Environmental & Financial Cost

When considering the cost of a paper-based Daily Operations Books, it is important to not only factor in the initial purchase cost of the book, but also the additional expenses associated with transportation and storage, including the environmental impact.

Search & Manage Data

Efficient Data Management Through Search and Export Features


In depth export to MS Excel.


Review data using the built in dashboard or run live reports via MS Power Bi.


Search and organise data by Subject Heading, Comments, Date & Time, Operator, Location, Priority or Status.

Download the App

Our apps are only available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. For security reasons you will require an APK key to unlock the app the first time you use it. This can be obtained by contacting

Tablet Options

A range of tamper proof tablet cases are available including:

  1. Fixed Wall Mount
  2. Adjustable Wall Mount
  3. Desk Top
  4. Floor Stand

Setup, Installation & Training

To ensure you get the most from our software wherever possible we like to attend site to set you up and give thorough training.


The annual licence is for a site rather than the number of users which is unlimited.

Developed & Hosted in the UK

Developed & hosted in the UK and is fully GDPR compliant.

Ongoing Support

Being cloud based, updates and enhancements are included as part of the annual license subscription, along with telephone support throughout the year.


Because the software is cloud based there is no need to install software on a PC. You just need a PC with a web browser and internet connection.

Optional Products

Secure File Sharing

GDPR compliant secure file sharing software enables electronic dissemination of data such as video footage direct to applicants, rather than the inconvenient and insecure transfer of physical media. Configurable access levels ensure data can only released if first authorised by a nominated data controller.

Key & Asset Management

The EIDOS Cloud Based Asset & Key Management Software is the paperless solution to tracking and managing assets using NFC technology saving time and money. Options include the ability to capture a recipients photo & signature increasing accountability using the optional EIDOS Visitor app & tablet.

Proof of Presence

Our Proof of Presence app is an effective and efficient solution for generating attendance records for members of staff such as cleaners & security contractors. Using a smartphone the user simply swipes the NFC checkpoints around the premises. Information is then automatically uploaded to the cloud in realtime and can be viewed on a web browser.

eDOB (Activity Log)

Replace the outmoded and ineffective paper based Daily Occurrence Book with the EIDOS Cloud Based Activity Log. Instant access to what’s currently happening on site with the ability to easily search archived information. Invaluable if you are responsible for managing multiple site.

Visitor Management

Features Year 1 Year 1 Year 2
Annual Licence Cost ex VAT
Unlimited Users
Annual Software Licence
Tablet, Stand & App
Automatic Software Updates
Phone Support

Multi-site & trade discounts available upon request. Cost subject to RPI.