CCTV Redaction

GDPR Compliant Redaction

In the event of an individual making a Subject Access Request for CCTV it is imperative that all identifiable third parties are redacted to protect their privacy. 

Typically identifiable data will be an individuals face or a unique identifier such as a tattoo or vehicle number plate. 

With the advent of audio recording on Body Worn Cameras consideration must also be given to audio redaction of information within recorded conversations.

Evidence Presentation

Evidence presented in an easily assimilated logical format is likely to achieve a successful result, whereas raw video footage that relies on poorly assembled clips is likely to confuse those called upon to make an interpretation and judgement.

VeriFi provide a professional Evidence Presentation Editing Service. If you are involved in an important case that relies upon video evidence, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide costs for the production of a clear cut presentation with narrative sub-titles backed up by the original working and archive copies.

25 Years of Knowledge

With more than two decades of experience working with clients that include HM Courts and Prisons, as well as High Street Banks, our redaction service guarantees to keep your data releases GDPR compliant.

The Process


Step 1

We will provide a Data Processing Agreement for you to sign. Once this has been returned, we will set up a secure Dropbox folder for transferring the footage. Alternatively, this can be sent to us via post or courier service.


Step 2

Once we have received and viewed the footage, we will provide a quotation for the redaction service FOC. If the quotation is agreed, we shall start the editing process and provide return date.


Step 3

When the editing process is complete, we will return the redacted footage via our Secure File Sharing system. This will then be archived for an agreed period then permanently deleted from our systems.

Data Protection Legislation

Under Data Protection Legislation, individuals have the right to obtain confirmation that their data is being processed and have access to their personal data. Typically in relation to Security and Surveillance systems personal data are CCTV Images, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Data and Access Control Data.

There is no charge for individuals obtaining a copy of their data, however where requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because they are repetitive, a charge may be made.

Compliance with a request will normally be provided within one month. It may be necessary to refuse to process a request if disclosure might prejudice an ongoing criminal investigation. 

Where data includes images or information about individuals other than the applicant, this data/images must be redacted (blurred) unless relating to a minor if a parent or guardian is making the application.