Patrol Verification Support

Programming Patrol Points

Programming Patrol Points can be carried out by using the Eidos Tag Programmer App on an Android phone with NFC capability or using the EIDOS NFC Reader and web browser on a PC.

Programming with the App

Step 1

Download the app using the browser on the phone (contact VeriFi for the current version).

Step 2

Once installed, log in using your Username & Password.

Step 3

Select the site.

Step 4

Scan a point and enter the following details:

Name: i.e. Kitchen

Description: i.e. Located on door frame.

Programming on a Desktop PC

Step 1

Fig 12.1
Fig 12.2

To programme on a desktop PC, you will require the EIDOS NFC Reader (see fig 12.1).

Go to ‘Settings’ (see fig 12.2)

Step 2

Fig 12.3
Fig 12.4

Click On ‘PATROLS’ (see fig 12.3) and ‘Add Point’ (see fig 12.4)

Step 3

Fig 12.5

Place the cursor in the ‘RFID’ box (see fig 12.5) and scan a point using the NFC reader. The point id code will appear in the box.

Point Name: i.e. Kitchen

Location Description: i.e. Located on door frame.

Positioning Patrol Points


Points need to be easily accessible to all members of staff. Where possible try and locate points where they’re not accessible to members of the public in areas such as waiting rooms where they could easily be removed.

When fitting points, please ensure that you leave enough space around the point to allow the phone to lay flat against it. If fitting points with the adhesive backing, make sure the surface is clean before attaching.

Installing & Updating the Patrol App

To install and update the VeriFi Eidos Patrol app, please use the below button to take you to the Google Play Store.