Dashboard Support


IMPORTANT: ‘Client Administration’ rights are required for settings.

Step 1

Fig 6.1

To set if and how a Subject Headingsfrom the Activity Log appears, you will need to go to ‘Settings’ (see fig 6.1).

Step 2

Fig 6.2

Select the ‘Activity Log’ tab (see 6.2.1) and click ‘Action’& ‘Edit’ (see 6.2.2).

Step 3

Fig 6.3
Fig 6.4

Breakdown Report Visibility: To set how the Activity Log Subject Heading appears in the Dashboard Graph (see fig 6.3.1) select from the three options (see fig 6.4.1).

Step 4

Fig 6.5
Fig 6.6

Operational Report Visibility

To display an Activity Log Subject Heading as an Operational Donut (see fig 6.5) slick the switch (see fig 6.6.1).

Operational Percentage

The Operational Percentage is calculated using the number of logged Subheadings against the Total Operational Items (see fig 6.6.2).