VeriFi Eidos introduces an advanced Visitor Management system 

VeriFi Eidos introduces an advanced Visitor Management system designed to streamline the visitor and contractor booking process. The EIDOS Visitor software replaces the conventional visitor book with a comprehensive, streamlined solution, offering real-time visitor data, reports, and enhanced security features. This system is aimed at enhancing efficiency, security, and convenience for businesses and organisations by providing a seamless and modern approach to managing visitors and contractors.

Key Features and Benefits:

Self-Check-In Option with Tablet: The system provides a user-friendly self-check-in option for visitors and contractors using a tablet, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry process.

Fast-Track QR Code Check-In: Visitors have the option to check in swiftly using a QR code, streamlining the check-in process and reducing waiting times.

Photo Visitor Pass Badges: The system enables the production of visitor pass badges with captured visitor photos, incorporating bespoke health and safety and data protection information.

Tenant Portal: Tenants can access the system via their own portal to pre-book visitors and contractors, contributing to a streamlined and organised check-in process.

Host Notification: The system notifies hosts when visitors arrive on site, providing an additional layer of convenience and security.

Real-Time Reporting: The system offers real-time visitor tracking and reporting, facilitating efficient monitoring and management of visitor data and activities.

COVID-19 Questionnaire: The system includes an optional COVID-19 questionnaire, allowing businesses to implement necessary health and safety protocols seamlessly.

Asset Tracking Integration: Seamlessly integrated with asset tracking, the system alerts users if items are due for return when booking off-site.

SMS & Email Notifications: The system provides the option for SMS and email notifications, keeping stakeholders informed and updated throughout the visitor booking process.

Optional ‘Pass Holder’ Module: This optional module enables the issuance of access control passes via the EIDOS Asset Tracking module, further enhancing security and access control.

Staff & Contractor Management:

The system also provides efficient management of staff and regular contractors through the issuance of physical or digital passes, enabling quick on-site and off-site bookings.

Pre-Register Visitors:

Businesses can streamline the booking-in process by pre-registering visitors before their arrival on-site, ensuring a seamless and organised check-in experience.

Regular Visitors:

Repeat visitors using the app need only enter their mobile number for the system to recognise them and pre-fill the required fields, enhancing convenience for frequent visitors.

Incorporating advanced technology and modern security features, the VeriFi Eidos Visitor Management system serves as a valuable tool for businesses and organisations seeking to elevate their visitor management processes. By offering seamless integration with various modules, real-time tracking, and advanced security features, the system sets a new standard for efficient, secure, and modern visitor management and provides organisations with the tools needed to uphold GDPR Data Compliance and ensure smooth operations for visitor and contractor management.

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