Compliance Policy Guidance

Version 5 – Supersedes Version 4 in its entirety – 15/02/2022

We provide a compliance support service to controllers for whom we act as processor. It is not a means of outsourcing legal compliance or regulatory liability to us, although we may be liable if we were to give incorrect guidance.

A controller is in principle liable for the actions of its processors, such as security service and software as a service (SaaS) providers, who may also be liable in the event of a breach of instructions given by you. With this in mind it is important that you have a comprehensive Data Processing Agreement in place with your processors.

This is a living online document. Its guidance is based on current interpretation of UK legislation and best practice, both of which we keep under regular review. It is advisable to check the version number of any printed copy against the current online version to ensure you are referring to the latest version

We aim to update this document from time to time to cover developments in the law and changes in accepted best practice affecting surveillance and security systems. We may also update the scope of service from time to time to reflect changes in law and best practice.